Roughneck - Oatmeal & Shea Butter Bar of Soap

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Tough enough to handle even Oklahoma's red clay - our Oatmeal & Shea Butter bars of soap are made with Oklahoma Grit in mind. The moisturizing shea butter will help soothe the roughest hands and the oatmeal helps scrub off all dirt and grime with its added texture. Along any country road you’ll find rigs dotting the horizon. These rigs have created jobs for some of Oklahoma’s small businesses most loyal patrons. The relationship the wells have with our state and its economy is complex. But as a small business, there’s a deep sense of gratitude. The Roughneck is a super rich fragrance inspired by small town mercantile along main streets across the state. Patchouli and Lavender, it’s one of the most popular fragrances we’ve created and reflects a rich history for a gritty profession. 5 oz. Organic Bar of Oatmeal & Shea Butter Soap.  Hand-poured in Oklahoma City